Wednesday, March 10, 2010

T.V. Junkie

I am a self-diagnosed T.V. junkie. I've tried to quit. Honest. I once read an established author's advice saying if you want to be a better writer, turn of the T.V.

I now realize he is insane. I just love drama. Not reality, mind you. I live in reality. I want drama!!

DVRs are a girl's best friend. BUT, I never let the shows get more than a hour past their air time before I am watching them. Let me just clue you in on the seriousness of my T.V. time:

The Good Wife
The Closer (I don't think this is back yet)
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
The Vampire Diaries
The Office (and occasionally The Office reruns)
Accidentally On Purpose
V - (can't wait for this to come back end of March)
Sons of Anarchy
AND the only reality show I do watch - Psychic Kids - Children of the Paranormal

I had to let Ugly Betty go when it started back in January and I was bummed to see The Dollhouse cancelled.

See what I mean - and it is possible that I have left something off. That is about 14 and a half hours of time I should spend writing. Or should I? It is all about balance right?

Writing makes me happy. T.V. makes me happy. Reading a great book makes me happy.

I want my cake and to eat it too. Don't you?



  1. Hi Melinda,
    Just posted this months' Date with Destiny and noticed your blog. Thought I'd come visit. Nice blog. Cute little girl there. I watch CSI (all 3) NCIS, Ghost Whisperer and House. That's about it.Happy writing. Lorraine

  2. Meli...What a bad girl you are! Check out my blog tomorrow and see how a writer 'should' spend their time. ;) (Among the research list you will note two very adorable men of the night,er... day!) I love your list.

  3. Of course you can have your cake and eat it, too! As long as you're happy its all good. Although, that is a lot of TV. ;-) I watch an hour or two a week at most - and sometimes even that is too much. So when the TV is on, I usually draw or paint at the same time.

  4. I've become addicted to watching shows on my iPhone - feel like I'm being productive because I sit down to write and the next thing... I don't know about you but I find it also sucks any imagination I had after watching TV. Maybe we need a weekly TV off day? But what would life be without cake?

  5. Oh my goodness - a full day without t.v. I think I would stroke. Just kidding. Unfortunately I grew up in a t.v. loving house and that is what mine has become. (yes my dd is a junior addict, wanna punish her, tell her no t.v. time)

    I guess admitting there is a problem is the first step.

  6. Oops, btw - thanks for stopping by Lorraine, Calisa and Wy, and very nice to meet you Charmaine!