Monday, January 18, 2010


Distractions, distractions. Now that I seriously want to sit down and write, I am inundated by distractions. This week is all about making pirate costumes, making a paper mache parrot and octopus and putting together a mini pirate ship float for my daughter for a pre-parade walk on Saturday. I thought this week would be about getting my NB finished up, and yet I am still on ch. 4.

However, I am 18 days into January and already I have been working hard towards reaching several of my goals. I have come out of the writing closet with my husband (who wants to help me by giving me lots of story ideas). I have submitted the January "Your Story" entry to Writer's Digest and I am considering pitching my NB by the end of this month. Oh, and I have read about 5 books.

Take that distractions!


  1. Hi Mel! It's Jenna from the eharl boards. Sounds like you are working through your distractions well! I feel the same way regarding distractions. Even if we are doing something each day to work toward our goals, it's worth it, right?
    Regarding the pitch, I've been debating as well. It's so tempting, but I also feel that mine won't be edited to my liking by pitch time. It's such a great opportunity that I don't want to waste it if the manuscript isn't as perfect as it can be!
    Good luck if you do pitch! It's great to "meet" someone targeting the same line as well.

  2. Hi Jenna,

    I have been going back and forth about pitching even though I don't feel like my ms is where I want it to be, but in the end I feel like this opportunity isn't going to come around again this year, so I am going to dive in - you know - sink or swim!

    Good to "meet" you too!