Thursday, August 12, 2010

Secret Crush Thursday

Now that the SavvyAuthors Summer Symposium is over, life has settled down just a tad. I am back to writing, editing and - yep - watching those beloved summer programs that help us make it through until fall.

One of my fav new shows is Covert Affairs airing on USA. I've loved Piper Perabo since her quirky roll in Coyote Ugly. I'm excited to see if they can make this CIA drama work. But my crush isn't on Piper, nope it's for Christopher Gorham. You may remember him as Ugly Betty's nerdy boyfriend in a few seasons. Well he's back on t.v. and looking like a hottie as the visionally challenged Auggie. He's definitely not the only drool inducing man on the show, but I'll start with him for now.

What's going on with me:
What I'm reading - The Definitive Book on Body Language
What I'm Writing - A synopsis and first chapter for the Harlequin Medical Summer Madness
What I'm Watching - Nothing good comes on Thursdays, but tomorrow I'll be watching the new SyFy show Haven (love my cop dramas!)


  1. Cutie cute cute! I am having a major crush on Michelle Willigham's hero cover of her upcoming release Surrender to an Irish Warrior (yes please!). Check out the HQ site under the Community main page. I keep going back to it and back to it and back to it! Then, I also watched Date Night last night and was crushing on both Mark Wahlberg and Common. Ug, holy hotfest!

  2. I'll have to hop over and check it out! I love Mark Wahlberg too! I'm all about the Funky Bunch.

  3. Glad to see you back posting Melinda. Good luck on the HQM summer madness. Thank you again for getting me into this mess!